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Renovation of Qiao's Family Courtyard

2019/10/14 13:39:15
Qiaojiayuan Scenic Spot was cancelled the quality level of the biggest impact is the brand of the scenic spot, the impact is very bad, the overall passenger flow has declined, but the extent is not large. Qiaojiayuan scenic spot was delisted "5A" after the first National Day holiday, ushered in 1437,000 tourists.
One of the most criticized problems in Qiao's courtyard scenic area before is "over-commercialization": the goods sales and the dense stalls on both sides of the 260-metre road can be seen everywhere in the scenic area. Coming to Qiao's courtyard during the National Day holidays, it is very difficult to see shops selling goods in the scenic area, only a few Wenchuang stores are still selling outside. The pedestrian road at the exit has also been changed. The road where the stalls were placed has been cut off by a newly planted green plant, and no stalls can be seen. Instead, a creative block called "Fusheng City" was built outside the main entrance of the scenic spot, and a street connecting the scenic spot and the new parking lot opened. The prominent location of the roof has huge investment calls. According to the data of Qixian Wenlu Bureau, Fusheng Creative Street has 62 pavements and 45 are now open.
Staff of the Propaganda Department of Qixian County Party Committee said that some tourists complained about the sudden disappearance of selling things and that they could not buy anything to eat in the scenic spots. Reporters saw at the scene, the scenic area has added a new self-service beverage vending machine, but the number is small, the price of goods is the same as that of ordinary shopping malls vending machine.
In addition to the problem of over-commercialization, the problems pointed out in Qiaojiayuan scenic spot include five aspects: comprehensive management of scenic spot needs to be improved, inadequate traffic and tourism, inadequate resource protection, inadequate investment in safety and health, and single type of tourism products.
After the completion of the renovation, there are bushes on both sides of the Ningbo Road in the scenic area center for visitors to sit down and rest, and there are additional tourist rest areas in the scenic area. There are also benches and drinking water, mobile phone charging and other equipment in the tourist center. Three new tourist rest areas have been added to the scenic spot, with 180 new seats of various types; 462 old signs and signs, such as tourist guide maps and safety signs, have been updated; and 69 tour guides have all been publicized.
Qiao's courtyard is the leader of Qixian's tourism. This time, the quality level was cancelled, which sounded an alarm to them. In terms of quality and standards, we should intensify construction efforts. First, we should strive to make hardware and software meet the 5A standard, and strive to restore the 5A rating in one year. Qiaojiayuan Scenic Spot was cancelled the quality level of the biggest impact is the brand of the scenic spot, the impact is very bad, the overall passenger flow has declined, but the extent is not large.
Qiaojiayuan Scenic Area has set up a new team of experts specializing in solving the problems of single and outdated tourist products in the scenic area, and is promoting the second promotion of scenic area exhibition. The scenic spot is also upgrading barrier-free facilities, barrier-free access and building beautification projects, and other upgrading work in the scenic spot is continuing.
Fan Wei, chairman of Shanxi Qiaojiayuan Tourist Co., Ltd. introduced that after the renovation of the scenic spot, a questionnaire survey was set up at the exit location. From the preliminary survey results, the satisfaction of tourists is very high, and the scenic spot also hopes to hear more suggestions for improvement.

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